"Man, the playing technique Van possesses is remarkable!"
 - Billy F. Gibbons

Van’s Discography and Book Credits
Running From Ghosts ( 2005 Texas ‘51 and Dixie Frog)

Texas Jukin ( 2002 Texas ‘51 and Dixie Frog)

Koko’s Hideaway (1999 Texas ‘51 and Dixie Frog)

Soul of a Man (1995 Texas ‘51 Records in the U.S.  And Dixie Frog in Europe)

Bombay  Tears (Mercury 1980)

This was my first album for a major label.  I was managed by Bill Ham at the time.  His “other” Texas band is ZZ Top. ( Maybe you have heard of them!)   We went to Los Angles to record. At this time the band consisted of Phil Ballinger (drums),  Reggie Witty (bass & vocals) and Doug Hall (keyboards).  My old Texas friend and engineer par excellence Chet Himes did all the hard work.  I think he bought a couch with his salary!  John Stronach  produced.  He was known for working with Joe Walsh and many others.  He brought in Flo and Eddie (Turtles, Zappa) to sing.  I’ll never forget that day!

The music on this album reflects the time.  I am proud of this record and all the people who made it happen.  Maybe we can re-release it someday.  Mercury owns the recording and won’t let me have it even tho they will never put it out!  What a business!

Boystown  (Alibi 1982)

Released on my own label with the help of Bobby Loyd, this 4 song 12 inch extended play record showcases four different styles of songs.  The song “Boystown” was later re-recorded for “Soul of a Man”.

2005: Geezinslaw Brothers
 “The Eclectic Horseman”: Stairway To Heaven with Willie Nelson on vocals.

Finding The Cure

Compilation cd of 28 Austin artists to benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.
my song: “Miracle Road”  an acoustic with my guest guitarist: Jen Gaffney

          Available at www.jdrfaustin.org

Texas Christmas Collection (“What Child is This” duet with Eric Johnson)
Now available to BUY direct from Van.

Texas Guitarslingers Volume 1 (with Jimmie Vaughan, Eric Johnson, Double Trouble and many others)

Bugs Henderson  “American Music” with Willie Nelson, Johnny Winter and others.

Velvet Hammer “Storybook”

Randy Thornton  “It Don’t get no Better than This”

Freddie Steady and the Shakin’ Apostles   “Medicine Show”

Melissa Javors   ” The Real Woman in Me”

KLBJ-FM Austin Local Licks  1991, 1995, 1996

KLBJ-FM Morning Show “Damn it’s Early” with Monte Montgomery & Dave Sebree

Double Trouble “Been A Long Time”

Phily Alric  ( France)

Lucky Lounge  (France) “Texas Spirit” This great French Band covered “The Spank” and “Bleedin’ for You”.  A great honor for me!